ecda's August activity

In this week's blog we're sharing our Sprint Notes for August - what we've been up to for the past month, and what's coming up in September.

One of our highlights for this sprint was the further sharing of our analysis on alleged perpetrators of domestic abuse with SETDAB (Southend Essex Thurrock Domestic Abuse Board) and the Perpetrator Delivery Group, who will be taking the insights forward.

Elsewhere on our Mental Health Transitions project, the scope and timeline were further refined by the working group in their first formal meet - next up is tackling information governance!

Finally, as part of our campaign to continue building data and analytics capability in Essex, we will be hosting two events in September: a Show and Share on September 1st to share some of the clustering and geospatial analysis techniques used on our alleged perpetrators of domestic abuse project; and on September 23rd another Be Part of the Equation networking event, focusing on Data Visualisation.

It’s been a relatively quiet August thanks to holiday season, and we expect the same of September as the teams continue to take some well-deserved leave - keep checking the blog for the latest and expect activity to ramp back up soon!

Check out the August Sprint notes here 

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